Greetings to all and welcome!

 My name is Lena and I live in the finest city in the world - Moscow, the capital of Russia.

 "LTCH" is a small cattery which has been registered in CFA since 1998. My biggest passion are Persians and my love to them does not less already more than 10 years.

 My cattery mainly specializes in whites and solids, but a little bi-color group also will be included. Our cats and kittens are constantly surrounded with the big care and love.

  My purpose is to produce a healthy kittens the best quality, with sweet open expressions and fine temperament which will be fitting to CFA Persian Breed Standard.
 A PKD DNA Tested Cattery.
 The pedigrees of our producers have incorporated the blood-lines of the best and well-known catteries: Jonala, Cattrax, Jolee, Boberan, Blueskyeyes, Anz, Tehy, Bolo, Sugarspun, Steeplechase, JonTi and others.
 I'm grateful to destiny for given to me such a fine friends and breeders like Marianne Byrne ("MIDAS" cattery), Randy Primmer & Bob Farber ("BOBERAN" cattery), John Passet ("SUGARSPUN" cattery) and Jean Green ("STEEPLECHASE" cattery) for their friendship and co-operation.

 We have a kittens available from time to time. Please, don't hesitate to e-mail me if you need more information about my kittens, but don't overlook to write a little about you and your cattery.
Enjoy your visit! I hope you will spend your time on my website with a pleasure.
I'll be very glad to see your comments in my Guestbook.

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