black persian female
d.o.b. 10/04/2007

GC Noblessa Absolut

X Noblessa's Dolly
copper-eyed white
GC,RW Bolo's
Bombs Away
of Noblessa

red tabby/white
Softmagic Big John of Bolo, DM GC,RW Marsamis The Wizard of Lll'Miraclea
Katrina's Scarlet of Softmagic
GC Bolo's Fruit
O'The Loom
, DM
GC Marhei Alex of Heartbeat (of Bolo), DM
CH Marhei Josephine of Bolo, DM
CH Noblessa's

Jolee's Dewy
of Noblessa
Jolee's Baby Face
Wynden Honeydew
Noblessa Black Pearl of Pokerpaws GC Noblessa's Knight Owl of Ogodiva
GC Noblessa's Total Eclipse
GC Artemis Moondancer

copper-eyed white

Artemis Dreamer
Artemis Moonraker
Artemis Yippee Skippy
GC Lexus Tiny Dancer
of Artemis

copper-eyed white
CH Artemis Octavian of Lexus
GC Lexus Night Fury
GC,NW Noblessa Get On Board

copper-eyed white

GC Noblessa Absolut
GC,RW Bolo's Bombs Away of Noblessa
CH Noblessa's Conchita
Noblessa Water Lily
blue-eyed white
CH Noblessa's Nautica
CH Noblessa's Conchita
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