October 08, 2005
CFA show /4AB rings/
Moscow, Russia

~ PART I ~

Incredible cream girl LTCH Anastasia with judge Olga Rakitnyh and breeder Lena Tchumakova

LTCH Anastasia with judge Olga Rakitnyh

LTCH Anastasia - 2 BEST KITTEN on the ring of Olga Rakitnyh

Olga Rakitnyh and her 2 best kitten

V.Pokhvalina & her 2 BEST KITTEN LTCH Anastasia with the breeder Lena Tchumakova

Lena Tchumakova with LTCH Anastasia

LTCH Anastasia - 9 BEST KITTEN in the final of Jeri Zottoli

Lena Tchumakova with LTCH Anastasia, T.Petrova with Jet Stone Rose-Marie
& J.Zottoli

/ cream mackerel tabby female /
Jeri Zottoli /USA/ 9 BEST KITTEN
Ellyn Honey /USA/ 10 BEST KITTEN
Victoria Pokhvalina /RUS/ 2 BEST KITTEN
Olga Rakitnyh /OR/ 2 BEST KITTEN

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