dilute calico persian female
d.o.b. 05/13/2004
br: Edilio Gadini

Graffio's Umberto
red / white

Bolo's Dulcinea of Graffio
dilute calico

Bolo's Mr.Peterman
of Graffio

red tabby / white

Tehy Klondike Bar of Bolo
brown tabby / white

GC Bolo's Tumbleweed of Tehy
Bocasana's Bell 'O The Ball
Bolo's Taken A Shine

CH Bolo Box Car Willie of Rubyrose
Bolo Twiggie, DM
Pajean's Meringa
of Graffio


GC Pajean's Flambeau
red tabby / white
CH Pajean's Tycoon
GC Pajean's Patchwork Lady
CH Pajean's Loyola
GC,NW Pajean's Singin' The Blues
GC Pajean's Funny Face Doubloon
CH Bolo's Van-Damme

cream /white

GC Rubyrose Lightning
Bolt of Bolo

black / white

Rubyrose's Dallas Holmes
GC Rubyrose's Psalm of Skylite, DM
Bolo Twiggie, DM
red /white
Softmagic Big John of Bolo, DM
GC Marhei Josephine of Bolo, DM
Bolo's Shana

black / white

CH Bolo Box Car Willie
black / white

Softmagic Big John of Bolo, DM
Bolo's Tinkerbelle
Granddelight's Mardi Gras
GC Furfrenz Chaucer of Fancee That
GC Bolo's Amanda of Granddelight
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